A Persistent Theology – Fall 2017

persistent 2017 reading group_header

Persistence is required in calling the church to name and acknowledge abuses of power in its theology and practice. We invite you to join this reading group addressing questions of power and authority in the Mennonite church as it relates to our desire for faithfulness in our experiences of gender, sexuality, race, and economics.

This series will begin with a public lecture followed by four discussion sessions based on selected readings.

All sessions including the public lectures will be held in the Multi-purpose Room (3rd floor) of First Mennonite Church (922 Notre Dame Ave) Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm.

Public Lecture – October 18 – 7pm
Can the Cross be ‘Good News’ for Women – Dr. Susanne Guenther Loewen (Co-pastor, Nutana Park Mennonite Church Saskatoon, SK)

Seminar Readings (click links for .pdfs)
Oct 25   – The Question of Authority in Mennonite Churches and Theology

David Driedger – “Negotiating Authority in the Mennonite Church
Kimberly Penner – “Sacred Yet Insufficient: The Use of Scripture as a Source in a Mennonite-Feminist Approach to Sexual Ethics” from Women Doing Theology conference Mennonite Church USA 2014.

Nov 1    – Naming the Violence of Church Process

Stephanie Krehbiel – “Naming the Violence of Process” (Chapter One of her dissertation Pacifist Battlegrounds: Violence, Community, and the Struggle for LGBTQ Justice in the Mennonite Church USA)

Nov 8    – Sexual Ethics and John Howard Yoder

Rachel Waltner Goossen – “Mennonite Bodies, Sexual Ethics: Women Challenge John Howard Yoder,” Journal of Mennonite Studies 34 (2016).
Lisa Schirch, “To the Next Generation of Pacifist Theologians,” (http://www.ourstoriesuntold.com/to-the-next-generation-of-pacifist-theologians/)

Nov 15 – Revisiting Manitoba Mennonite Origin Stories

Benjamin Goossen – “Mennonite Fascism,” (https://anabaptisthistorians.org/2017/04/27/mennonite-fascism/)


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